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Finding an audience is essential for any new artist. Platforms like SoundCloud create a great environment for musicians to reach their intended listeners and start building a following around themselves and their art.

You don’t want to get lost in the crowd?

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With our comprehensive package of SoundCloud dedicated services, you’ll be able to get at the forefront of the new music wave, marking your presence and becoming the topic of the conversation, opening the door to stardom.

Start your music career with as few hurdles as possible on your way to the top. See what benefits you gain when buying likes on SoundCloud with Bulkoid!

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How to Buy SoundCloud Likes with Bulkoid?

You create the art, we make sure it has a chance to be heard by as many people as possible. And we make the whole process easy and fast. Here’s how you can buy SoundCloud likes with Bulkoid!

1. Choose Your SoundCloud Track

To start, paste the link to the track you want to promote.

We don’t require any additional information, like passwords or login.

2. Choose What Metrics to Boost

With Bulkoid, you can effortlessly customize your order to improve the metrics you care about.

Select how many likes, new followers, or comments you want to gain.

3. Track Your Results

The first results will be implemented within 12-24 hours.

We never leave you in the dark. With our stellar services, you get access to reports so you know where your campaign stands every step of the way.

Soar Higher with Our Customizable SoundCloud Solutions

With around 140 million users, SoundCloud is a land of great opportunities for discovery. At the same time, it’s a highly competitive environment where getting new listeners requires skill, dedication, and determination.

When you buy SoundCloud likes from Bulkoid, you accelerate that process, gaining a valuable edge over the competition.

Here are our effective and tested SoundCloud solutions you should try out!

Buy SoundCloud Likes and Watch Your Tracks Climb the Charts

More likes signal to the SoundCloud algorithm that your music is engaging, potentially increasing your visibility and landing you in front of new fans. Bulkoid will help you reach new audiences, increasing your like counts and signaling you’re someone to watch closely.

Buy SoundCloud Likes

Buy SoundCloud Comments and Spark Conversation Around Your Music

Engaged comments create a sense of community and can encourage organic interaction, making your music more interesting to potential listeners. We start the conversation, but your organic listeners are the ones who have the last word. Increase your engagement and become the next big name with Bulkoid.

Purchase SoundCloud Comments

Buy SoundCloud Plays and Get Your Music Heard by the Masses

A higher play count signifies popularity and can lead to your tracks being featured in playlists and recommendations, giving you valuable exposure. When buying SoundCloud plays from Bulkoid, you’re gaining the upper hand in an incredibly competitive environment.

Buy SoundCloud Plays

Buy SoundCloud Followers and And Build a Dedicated Fanbase

A more extensive follower base creates a perception of success, attracting new listeners who want to discover fresh sounds. With Bulkoid, you gain real followers that boost your presence on the platform, ensuring you’re getting recommended to new organic listeners by the SoundCloud algorithm.

Buy SoundCloud Followers

Get Discovered on SoundCloud

Increasing the number of likes under your tracks is an easy way to maximize your discoverability. Grow your SoundCloud account with a campaign that offers quick and noticeable results. Get pushed out by the platform’s algorithm and gain new listeners. With Bulkoid, it’s easy.

Buy Real SoundCloud Likes

Work with

Nothing about our offer is coincidental. We’re experts who built their toolkit based on years of experience, tests, and industry knowledge. We know how to get you to the top of SoundCloud stardom and launch your career without damaging your organic growth in the process.

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Customer Satisfaction

Making waves at the beginning of your artistic journey can be difficult. Benefit from the support of industry experts who know the ins and outs of growing on social media platforms. Our commitment to high-quality services brings you real results and peace of mind, making space for you to focus on what’s most important - your art!

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Money Back Guarantee

At Bulkoid, we are dedicated to providing high-quality SoundCloud growth services. We understand the importance of meeting your expectations and strive to ensure your complete satisfaction with our services.

For any questions, please reach out to us at Our team is dedicated to help you with any concerns you may have and ensure you have a satisfactory experience while using our services.

Full refund policy

Why Buy SoundCloud Likes?

Is buying SoundCloud likes really effective? Yes, absolutely! Here are all the reasons why it’s an effective strategy to grow your SoundCloud account!

01. Increased Discoverability

When your track is hidden in a sea of millions on SoundCloud, buying likes throws a spotlight on it. The algorithm takes notice of liked tracks, potentially placing yours in prime positions for search results, suggested songs, and genre-specific playlists. This is your music's chance to break free and reach a wider audience of potential fans.

02. Social Proof

People gravitate towards what's popular. A high-like count acts like a digital thumbs-up. It creates a perception of quality and popularity, making users more likely to hit play and discover your unique sound.

03. Snowball Effect

Increased discoverability from your initial likes boost can snowball into even more organic likes. As your track gets heard by a wider audience, genuine fans who love your music will naturally like it, too. This creates a powerful momentum, propelling your music further into the SoundCloud stratosphere.

04. Built Credibility

In the world of online music, first impressions matter. A healthy number of likes instantly adds a layer of legitimacy to your music. It suggests people are enjoying your sound, building trust and credibility with potential fans.

05. Cost-Effective Strategy

Compared to traditional marketing campaigns, buying likes can be a cost-effective way to jumpstart your SoundCloud presence. It's a targeted investment that can generate significant returns in terms of discoverability and audience growth.

Why Choose Bulkoid

Bulkoid has designed SoundCloud solutions for rising artists who seek fast and reliable results. Our extensive expertise in the niche is what sets us apart. We focus on your individual needs and match the campaign to you budget.

With Bulkoid, you gain much more than that:

Superior SoundCloud Solutions

One of the main things that sets us apart from the competition is the fact that we provide you with comprehensive, effective, and incredibly easy-to-implement services for growing your presence on SoundCloud.

Our packages are fully customizable to match the objectives of your campaign, regardless of your budget

Sustainable Success

There’s an art to buying and providing likes, comments, or followers on SoundCloud.

We want to support your organic growth, not suppress it. That’s why we never use bots. Our likes come from real users and are delivered to your account over time, which is why your growth won’t raise any red flags with the SoundCloud algorithm.

It’s a foolproof support for your organic growth.

24/7 Support

Be reassured that when you work with Bulkoid, you receive comprehensive service, which extends to our direct support of your campaign.

If you have any questions, we’re on standby, ready to deliver you an answer.

You also get access to helpful reports so you can easily monitor your campaign at any moment in time.

Affordable Rates

Getting to where you want to be may take some time, but it doesn’t have to drain your marketing budget too.

Bulkoid offers affordable packages to increase likes, plays, followers, and comments on your SoundCloud account.

Depending on your budget, you can get as few as 100 likes or as many as 10000 likes.

Level Up Your Fanbase on SoundCloud With Bulkoid

The path to SoundCloud success can feel long. Bulkoid is here to help you hit the gas pedal while you steer your music career. Our affordable services, from likes to comments and followers, give your tracks the initial boost they need to get noticed.

Real, sustainable growth comes from your music and your connection with fans. Bulkoid can be the spark that ignites your organic growth engine. Let us be a part of your journey to the top.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely! Our secret to success is the fact that we deliver likes, comments, or follows from real users, not bots. We also ensure these engagement metrics rise gradually, which allows us to offer services that won’t put you at risk with SoundCloud or any other platform you choose to include in your campaign.

Yes! After purchasing your customized package, you will receive the requested number of likes for the track of your choosing. Usually, it takes anywhere from 12 to 24 hours from placing the order to see the results on your SoundCloud account.

You can get anywhere between 100 and 10000 likes with one order. The important thing to know is that the likes we deliver to your account won’t disappear even when you no longer benefit from our services.

No, you’re not required to share any sensitive information, including your credentials. All we need is a link to the track you want to boost.

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