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With Instagram boasting 2 billion active users, standing out from the crowd is possible with years of invested time and effort. It doesn’t have to take that long with Bulkoid.

With our high-quality and efficient Instagram Likes service, you can expand your reach, improve visibility, and boost audience engagement quickly.

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How to Buy Instagram Likes with Bulkoid?

You can buy likes for Instagram in three easy steps with Bulkoid. We offer personalized packages to meet your budget and needs.

1. Choose Your Instagram Post

By providing the targeted Instagram post, we are able to start working on the campaign to boost the like count right away.

Our process begins with a comprehensive profile analysis, followed by strategic actions by our team.

2. Personalize Your Package

Bulkoid offers flexible and highly personalized packages.

Choose an Instagram post you want to go viral and select the number of likes and other metrics that need improvement.

3. Track Your Results

Your campaign will yield results in as little as 24 hours from the launch.

In the meantime, our team will closely monitor the progress and provide you with concise reports.

Enhance Your Instagram with Bulkoid Custom Solutions

Instagram offers a lot of potential to existing and rising stars of the platform, from various features to accessing an enormous audience. Entering your niche is easy – establishing a strong presence is a totally different matter.

Buying Instagram likes from Bulkoid is a good first step toward building a strong, trustworthy, and credible profile. But you shouldn’t be limited to the number of hearts on your posts because of other factors that play a big role, too.

Buy Instagram Followers and Boost Audience Engagement

To build a strong Instagram profile, you need an audience to interact with. Bulkoid can connect you with people who will genuinely appreciate your content and may engage with you through liking, commenting, and sharing.

Without Instagram followers, your profile is your private diary – with Bulkoid, it can become an open book full of stories to share with your target audience.

Connect with Your Target Audience Now

Buy Instagram Video Views and Become Viral

Videos and reels on Instagram are some of the most-watched content on the platform. They are short, engaging, and attention-grabbing.

Your high-quality video content can reach millions only if it attracts enough views. Bulkoid has a special Instagram Video Views service that boosts the view count and elevates the engagement rate.

Grab the Attention with Your Compelling Video Content

Buy Instagram Comments and Become Trendy on Instagram

Instagram comments lead to engagement, and engagement leads to more likes and shares under your posts. If you want to boost your content, there is no one better to do it gradually and organically than Bulkoid.

Our team ensures your posts receive as many comments as you need while tracking the whole process and taking your profile to the next level.

Boost Audience Engagement Through Instagram Comments

Loyal Followers

Followers love diverse and aesthetically pleasing content, but what they also pay attention to is your like count. No matter how many people get your updates, as long as just a few of them like your posts, the engagement level will be poor.

With Bulkoid Instagram Likes service, you can appear at the top of the feed without paid advertising. Leave it to us to accelerate your organic growth.

Buy Real Instagram Likes

Leave the

Take advantage of Bulkoid Instagram Likes service to position your posts at the forefront of feeds. With ample likes and comments, your content becomes more discoverable and appealing to a broader audience.

Use Bulkoid to accelerate your Instagram growth today and soon have your competition strive to match your level in no time.

Purchase Instagram Likes

Customer Satisfaction

Once you decide to buy Instagram likes from Bulkoid, our commitment to your campaign is unwavering. From day one, our team will monitor your engagement metrics and adjust strategies to match the current trends to deliver optimal results.

Expect nothing less than round-the-clock support, insightful reports, and real-time updates on your Instagram journey with Bulkoid.

Get Real Instagram Likes

Money Back Guarantee

At Bulkoid, we are dedicated to providing high-quality Instagram growth services. We understand the importance of meeting your expectations and strive to ensure your complete satisfaction with our services.

For any questions, please reach out to us at Our team is dedicated to help you with any concerns you may have and ensure you have a satisfactory experience while using our services.

Full refund policy

Why Buy Instagram Likes?

01. Fast and Organic Growth

When you buy likes on Instagram, you have a greater chance of establishing a strong presence on the platform. This, in turn, aids in naturally reaching out to your target audience.

02. Boosted Credibility

The like count on Instagram is one of the pivotal indications of trustworthy content. Bulkoid can help you elevate your profile's credibility and appeal to a larger audience.

03. Greater Organic Reach

High number of likes will assist you in connecting with your target audience who find your content relevant. Moreover, with new followers engaging with your posts, you will gain popularity faster than anticipated.

04. Affordable Rates

Social media marketing is a costly and long process that doesn’t always yield success. Instagram users may be suspicious or unwilling to check your profile with a featured “ad” label next to you. Bulkoid offers an affordable alternative – you can boost your posts' popularity with likes, comments, and views for a fraction of the cost.

Why Choose Bulkoid

When choosing Bulkoid, you choose high-quality, fast results, and excellent customer service. Our extensive expertise in the niche is what sets us apart, as we focus on your individual needs rather than offering a universal strategy.

With Bulkoid, you gain the following benefits:

High-Quality Instagram Solutions

We take pride in offering cost-effective solutions that deliver results. Crafting campaigns tailored to your specific Instagram goals is our specialty.

What distinguishes us from other providers is the fact that we offer flexible and personalized packages while dedicating our unparalleled commitment to excellence in service.

Organic and Gradual Growth

Our campaigns are based on result-driven strategies that bring progress even in 24 hours.

Despite the quick success, we do take our time to drive traffic organically, expanding your reach and solidifying your online presence.

Round-the-Clock Support

No matter how small or big your campaign is, our team is on it 24/7.

You will get access to valuable metrics, reports, and trends from us. We make sure you get everything you need to reach new heights on Instagram.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Achieving your Instagram goals doesn’t have to break the bank. Bulkoid offers reasonable prices and matches your expectations every time you partner with us.

Grow Your Instagram Account Organically With Bulkoid

Instagram success is a few clicks away with Bulkoid! No longer do you have to pay high rates for paid advertising that brings little to no progress.

Real results are guaranteed with Bulkoid.

Plan your personal campaign and get the most value out of our services. Buy Instagram likes to become more discoverable, and invest in Instagram comments and followers to rank high and boost engagement on your profile.

In no time, your competition will be begging to learn your secret weapon.


Frequently Asked Questions

Bulkoid's Instagram likes provide a powerful opportunity to promote your posts and grow your account organically. Our result-driven strategies operate seamlessly to evade detection by the Instagram algorithm.

How does it work? We have real users like you who engage with your posts gradually throughout the duration of the campaign.

No, Bulkoid only requests the link to your photo, video, or reel that you want to boost. Additionally, you can choose the metrics of the content you want to improve, such as followers, views, etc.

After the launch of the campaign, you will start to see initial progress within 24 hours. To organically grow your profile, it may take weeks to acquire the ordered number of likes.

At Bulkoid, we offer flexibility and customization to all our clients. Hence, you can order as few as 100 Instagram likes, but the total limit is 4,000 likes for a signal post.

No, at Bukoid, you only pay for what you ordered and nothing more! We do not have any hidden fees or subscription costs. Our regular reports and updates are included in the price, too.

The total price that you see when customizing your packages is the price you pay at the checkout.

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