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How to Buy Instagram Followers with Bulkoid?

With Bulkoid, you can buy followers for Instagram quickly and easily. Our simple, three-step process allows you to increase your Instagram engagement at the click of a button.

Step 1

The first step is to give us your Instagram account tag. While we don’t require your login credentials or access to the inner workings of your account, we do need to study your profile and those of your competitors.

Once you give us your Instagram handle, we can perform an in-depth analysis and use our services to increase your followers, views, comments, or shares.

Step 2

Choose a package that suits your needs. You can perfectly tailor the package to suit your needs, choosing as many followers, views, shares, and comments as you require. As a result, you have full control over your social media strategy.

Step 3

Wait for the results. Your campaign may start to show results in as little as 24 hours. However, since we target organic content, it may also take some time. We’ll provide concise reports throughout the campaign and offer you consistent support when you need it, 24/7.

Boost Your Instagram Profile with Our Full Tool Suite

Understanding how to boost your profile on any type of social media platform can be daunting, especially considering how many different aspects there are to it. If you buy Instagram followers, you’re off to a good start.

However, there are many other aspects to consider that can enhance your Instagram profile. Some services we offer that may help include the following:

Buy Instagram Likes and Elevate Your Engagement

Though you can boost your Instagram followers by buying them, the engagement scores are so much bigger than that. You also need the benefits gained from likes, for instance.

When your posts and reels get more likes on Instagram, it signals the algorithm that people think your content is worth engaging with. As a result, it shows your content to more people, leading to even greater engagement.

Target Your Tribe: Buy Instagram Likes

Buy Instagram Video Views to Expand your Audience

Video views are yet another type of engagement metric that goes side by side with other metrics. Instagram may look at how many people view your posts and reels, but they also look at how many of those views turn into some form of engagement, like likes, shares, and comments.

The advantage of buying Instagram video views is that, as long as you’re producing quality content, more views equal an elevated engagement and greater chance of getting likes, shares, and comments.

Place Yourself in the World’s Line of Sight: Buy Instagram Video Views

Buy Instagram Comments to Turbocharge Interaction

One of the most fulfilling types of interactions for most content creators is when people comment on their work. It gives them the chance to truly interact with their audience and hear what they think and have to say.

It’s also an excellent way to signal to the algorithm that people want to engage with your work. Buying Instagram comments is an excellent way to boost your posts and will likely lead to other forms of engagement as well.

Increase Your Interaction: Buy Instagram Comments

More People

Instagram followers are an essential part of your engagement metrics. Followers give your posts the wings to fly. They’re the ones who are going to comment, like, share, and otherwise engage with your posts. Bulkoid can help you get accelerated organic follower growth.

Buy Real Instagram Followers

The Competition

Just because your competition has a hard time getting the followers they need doesn’t mean you have to join them. With Bulkoid, we can accelerate your follower growth and help you do better than your competitors faster.

Purchase Instagram Followers

Customer Satisfaction

As soon as you make a purchase from Bulkoid, we’re there for you around the clock. Our team will dedicate themselves to tracking your engagement scores and analyzing all other metrics.

By doing so and tweaking the strategy as necessary, we can ensure that you get only the best possible results.

Get Real Instagram Followers

Money Back Guarantee

At Bulkoid, we are dedicated to providing high-quality Instagram growth services. We understand the importance of meeting your expectations and strive to ensure your complete satisfaction with our services.

For any questions, please reach out to us at Our team is dedicated to help you with any concerns you may have and ensure you have a satisfactory experience while using our services.

Full refund policy

Why Buy Instagram Followers?

If you’re thinking about buying followers for Instagram but you’re not sure why you’d want to, rest assured. There’s a vast array of reasons and benefits related to buying Instagram followers, including the following:

01. Boosted visibility

When you buy Instagram followers, it signals that you produce content people want to engage with. As a result, the algorithm shows your posts to more people - boosting your visibility.

02. Improved organic growth

When you buy Instagram followers, it helps increase your chances of growing organically. By increasing just one part of your engagement, you get greater exposure to people who are connected to your followers, boosting your organic growth.

03. Greater organic reach

When you connect with more followers, it improves your chances of getting likes, shares, comments, and other forms of engagement. An increase in engagement signals the algorithm to show your posts to more people. By buying Instagram followers, you get greater organic reach.

04. Bolster your credibility

The Instagram algorithm considers your number of followers, views, comments, and other types of engagement to see how credible you are. Having more followers and higher engagement automatically signals the algorithm that people consider you a credible source.

05. Effective marketing

Social media excels as a vessel for marketing and promotions. When you buy Instagram followers from Bulkoid, we connect you with people who have a real interest in your niche, product, or service. As a result, your promotions and marketing will get more attention from the right type of people.

06. Get ahead of competitors

When you buy Instagram followers, it helps get you ahead of the curve. While your competitors struggle to find new followers, yours will be rolling in waves.

Why Choose Bulkoid

With so many different services on the market, you may be wondering why you should choose Bulkoid. Bulkoid is one of the best companies out there and has a wealth of knowledge and depth of experience that most competitors simply can’t match.

With Bulkoid, you get access to the very best in the business. When you buy Instagram followers from us, you can rest assured that you’ll experience the benefits of our experience. Some of the advantages you may experience include the following:

Top-quality services

Despite our affordable pricing, our services are only the best. We pride ourselves on the effort and knowledge that goes into tailoring each campaign to best suit the needs of you, the client.

Get fast results

Start seeing results in as little as 24 hours without resorting to dishonest measures. We provide organic followers with real interest fast.

24/7 Customer support

From the moment you sign up with us, we give you access to 24/7 customer support.

Affordable pricing

Bulkoid has a very affordable price range compared to many of our competitors. That means you can do more for less.

Focus on details

We pay careful attention to the relevant details, ensuring that your profile gets the right sort of attention and can grow quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all. Bulkoid works with 100% organic means of attracting followers to your account. This means that, since there’s no spam or negative methods involved, your account can’t get penalized. In short, we connect you to the people with an interest in what you have to offer, organically.

You may start to see results within as little as 24 hours. However, because our company works with organic means of gaining followers, likes, and other types of engagement, it may take several weeks to see peak results.

When you buy Instagram followers from Bulkoid, you give us your account handle. We then analyze your account, and its competitors, and construct a comprehensive strategy to help attract followers to your account organically.

No, we won’t require internal access to your account. The entire process happens organically, from outside your account, through a range of strategic tactics.

Not at all! Bulkoid is not a subscription service. When you buy Instagram followers from us, you pay once and wait for the results. You’ll get regular, consistent updates about how the campaign is going.

All About Buying Instagram Followers

01. Are Instagram followers important?

Instagram followers play an important part in the growth and success of your Instagram account. That is because with more followers you improve the image and engagement of your profile, helping you have seamless and steady growth. More than that, a high follower count, improves your ranking, helping you reach a wider audience on the Explore page.

Having a large following base can also help you increase your social proof and get more followers organically. This works because a high follower count makes your Instagram profile seem more credible and trustworthy. That is because if you have many followers, it means that others have enjoyed your content and can vouch for its quality. This makes other users more likely to follow you and interact with your content, helping you get organic growth.

A large follower count on your Instagram page also offers opportunities for monetization and collaboration with brands and other influencers. This makes it easier to get revenue from your Instagram account and also improves your image and visibility. More followers help you establish authority in your niche, meaning others will see your account as a go-to source for information and inspiration.

02. Why should you buy Instagram followers?

Buying Instagram followers offers you a shortcut to enhance your visibility and credibility on the platform. When you buy Instagram followers, you get instant results, meaning you won't have to wait long before reaching your Instagram growth goals. This is especially beneficial for new and small Instagram accounts that might have a hard time kick-starting their Instagram career.

Another great thing about buying Instagram followers is that with more followers, your profile looks more established which can attract organic followers and engagement. A high follower count also shows high-quality content and reliability making other users more likely to follow you as well. This can lead to a snowball effect where more followers lead to more credibility which can help you further improve your growth.

For businesses advertising on Instagram, a large audience translates to increased credibility and appeal to potential customers and clients. The improved visibility gives your Instagram account a competitive edge on the platform, helping you grow your brand much faster and easier. Buying Instagram followers for your business can help you get more clients, leading to increased sales and authority in your niche.

Lastly, buying Instagram followers helps you get a larger audience and engagement much faster than other promotion strategies. When you buy followers, you get all the benefits of an expensive marketing campaign, but at a fraction of the price and without too much effort on your part. Buying followers for your Instagram profile, saves you time and resources, letting you put all your focus on creating more content for your new audience.

03. How to buy Instagram followers safely?

Purchasing Instagram followers can be a strategic move to boost your profile's visibility and credibility. By buying followers you get stable and long-term growth, helping you become a well-known name on the platform.

If you want to buy Instagram followers to increase your presence on the platform, here's how you can do it in four easy steps:

  1. Provide your Instagram username: The first thing to do when buying followers is to provide the name of your Instagram page. This ensures the followers go to the right account and there won't be any issues with the delivery. Another thing to keep in mind is that your page needs to be public and available for all to see.
  2. Select how many followers you want to buy: When buying Instagram followers packages, you can customize your order based on your growth needs and budget. This lets you tailor a growth strategy that will give you the best results for your account.
  3. Pay using your preferred payment method: After selecting the number of followers you want to buy, you can complete the order. When buying followers on Instagram you can pay using the most popular payment methods including credit and debit cards, or online wallets like Google and Apple Pay.
  4. Wait for the delivery of genuine followers: You won't have to wait long to get your new followers. As soon as the order is processed you will see how your Instagram account gets more organic followers, becoming more lively and engaging.

04. How much does it cost to buy Instagram followers?

If you want to quickly improve your Instagram presence, the best way to do so is to buy real and active Instagram followers. Buying these high-quality followers helps you increase your number of followers with real users, who can also interact with Instagram posts. This helps you transform every aspect of your account, improving your growth and image on the platform.

And the best part? Buying Instagram followers is an affordable way to get the most out of your account. Not only this, but you also get results quickly and without much effort, making it a great growth strategy for all types of Instagram accounts. So, if you want to buy Instagram followers here is how much you would have to spend for an improved and successful account:

  • Buy 200 Instagram followers for $6.2
  • Buy 500 Instagram followers for $15.5
  • Buy 700 Instagram followers for $21.7
  • Buy 1000 Instagram followers for $31
  • Buy 1500 Instagram followers for $46.5
  • Buy 2000 Instagram followers for $62
  • Buy 2500 Instagram followers for $77.5
  • Buy 3000 Instagram followers for $93
  • Buy 3500 Instagram followers for $108.5
  • Buy 4000 Instagram followers for $124
  • Buy 4500 Instagram followers for $139.5
  • Buy 5000 Instagram followers for $155
  • Buy 6000 Instagram followers for $186
  • Buy 7000 Instagram followers for $217
  • Buy 8000 Instagram followers for $248
  • Buy 9000 Instagram followers for $279
  • Buy 10000 Instagram followers for $310

05. What are the advantages of buying followers on Instagram?

Buying high-quality Instagram followers offers many benefits for those trying to stand out from the competition. More followers can improve your Instagram presence and ranking, helping you have stable and sustainable growth. Here is why you should consider buying high-quality Instagram followers:

  • Increased visibility: A higher follower count can attract more attention from users browsing through Instagram, leading to increased exposure for your content and account.
  • Enhanced engagement: With a larger follower base, you are more likely to get higher engagement on your posts.
  • Improved social proof: A large number of followers on your account, translates to increased social proof which is beneficial when wanting to make your profile more appealing to other users.
  • Potential for Organic Growth: Buying followers can kickstart your profile's growth, leading to a snowball effect that attracts organic followers over time.
  • More credibility: A large following signals to others that you have a significant presence and influence on Instagram, enhancing your credibility and authority within your niche.
  • Expanded reach: With a larger follower base, your content has the potential to reach a wider audience across the platform.

06. What other Instagram services can I buy?

When looking to improve your Instagram growth you shouldn't stop only at buying followers. While buying high-quality followers does improve many aspects of your account, there are specialized Instagram services meant to take your Instagram experience to the next level.

A high follower count and increased engagement are what the Instagram algorithm is looking for when deciding what content gets on the Explore page. So, it is important to increase both your following and post interactions for more chances to expand your reach on the platform.

Buy Instagram likes for your Instagram posts to increase their visibility and engagement. A higher number of likes can attract more attention from users browsing through the platform, making them more likely to interact with your content.

Buy Instagram comments to add authenticity and credibility to your account. With more comments, you make your posts more engaging, helping you build an Instagram community around your content.

Buy Instagram views to increase your video's reach and exposure. A higher view count can make your videos appear more popular, attracting more viewers and potential followers to your profile.

07. Will I get banned for buying Instagram followers?

Buying real Instagram followers will keep your account safe from banning and deletion. That is because when you buy real followers, you get actual people who are interested in your content. This means there won't be any bots or fake Instagram followers on your profile, which won't raise any red flags from Instagram's algorithm and policies.

When you buy real Instagram followers your growth will be natural and organic, helping you build a successful account. Buying real followers means that real Instagram users will interact with your account by liking, commenting, and sharing which gives you organic growth and increases your credibility. This means you shouldn't worry about account deletion or banning, because your growth is real.

Buying real followers for your Instagram profile is the best solution for increased credibility and ranking on the platform. When you buy real followers you also have the option to target them, adding another layer of authenticity to your content. Buying targeted Instagram followers helps get your content to the users that matter the most, further improving your account.

08. Do the Instagram followers come from real accounts?

When you buy Instagram followers, it is important to have real and active accounts on your profile. That is because if you have real Instagram followers your growth will be much faster and stable, helping you take your account to the next level. Buying real Instagram followers also helps you keep your account safe, as there won't be any bots or fake followers that might raise suspicion from the algorithm or other users.

Real Instagram followers are important because they actively engage with your content through likes, comments, and shares. This authentic engagement boosts your profile's visibility and reach on the platform, helping you attract the algorithm much faster. When this happens, your content will be recommended to more users, helping you gain more organic followers and engagement.

A high number of real followers also enhances your credibility and image on the platform. Users are more likely to trust and follow an account with a real and engaged following, because it shows that your content is worth their time. This is especially important for businesses and influencers looking to build a brand and a loyal customer base.

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