In 2005, a trio of PayPal employees came up with the idea of a video streaming platform. Within a year of that happening, Google acquired that platform for a total of $1.65 billion. Today, it is the second most visited platform in existence second only to Google. We are talking about YouTube. Billions of people all over the world, stream and upload thousands of hours of video content every hour on the site. YouTube has also been a source of income for hundreds of thousands of YouTubers. YouTube pays you for uploading videos and anyone with interesting content to offer can make it into a full-time job. Being on YouTube brings both money and fame. But to reach that status, you first need to build yourself up. YouTube likes play an important role in the progress and here are some websites from where you can buy youtube likes.

Best Sites to Buy YouTube Likes


Bulkoid is another one of the veterans of social media. It is always a part of the discussion whenever social media marketing is mentioned. Due to their quality work over the past few years, Bulkoid has quickly made a lasting impression through their clients across multiple platforms. If you want to buy YouTube likes of premium quality, Bulkoid can bring it to your doorsteps. They not only have some of the most affordable prices but the features you get here make them even more lucrative.

For $6.99, Bulkoid gives you 100 premium YouTube likes. You can buy a total of 5K likes for $179.99 which is the biggest plan available. However big your order is, it doesn’t take more than 3 days to be delivered. If it doesn’t get delivered or doesn’t meet the description, the company offers a complete refund. Their customer care is available 24/7 for issues like this.


FastPromo is one of the most professional-looking websites on this list. Everything about them screams quality and reliability. Their work has constantly proven that to be true for the past few years. FastPromo is total social media professionals. The company has been providing excellent marketing services for years across multiple platforms. YouTube is one of their fortes, and it is one of the best sites to buy YouTube likes.

The quality and longevity of YouTube like you get from here are staggering. All of their products come with a lifetime guarantee. The likes you have bought will stay with you forever. To ensure this, FastPromo does a check every 30 days to refill any missing likes that you had bought. FastPromo is also one of the cheapest options available. For just $6.00, you can begin your venture here with 100 likes. You can buy as much as 5K likes for around $177. If you want to buy more, FastPromo also takes custom orders.

GetViral is pretty much synonymous with quality and credibility at this point. It didn’t happen overnight, however. GetViral has worked its way for 7 years to reach this point. In these 7 years, their list of clients has steadily grown. More than 150K social media users have already taken the benefits of their services. Most of them were satisfied with the results that GetViral bought for them. No surprise, more than 85% of their clients have come back for more than one order here.

If you want quality likes without losing a fortune, GetViral is the perfect place to take the chances with. For just $6.99, you can buy 100 YouTube likes. The maximum you can order in one go is 2.5K likes for $99.99. The orders here don’t take too long to deliver. Within just 8 hours, the likes start coming, doesn’t matter how big a plan is. Customer support is available for all clients 24 hours of a day as well.


ViewsExpert is another name that has been active in social media for a long time now. They have worked hard to earn the right to be included among the bests. ViewsExpert has turned into a professional and experienced social media agency. This is to be credited to the overall quality of services they have to offer at affordable prices. Their biggest plan of 1K likes will cost just $46 which is a profit considering the features they bring along. 100 likes are the least you can buy from here for just a total of $5.50. Their high-quality likes deserve the price that the company is asking for.

The likes have impressive retention rates and the company also provides free refills in all plans. If your paid likes begin to disappear, you can contact customer support. They will replenish the likes that you lose without any charge. The support stays active 24/7 and is pretty fast with the responses.

Social Packages provides the quality that you deserve for the money you are spending on promotions. Just so that you don’t lose even a penny from your expenses, you get a guaranteed refill from here. You can get started with just $6 and get 100 likes. 5K likes are the most you can get by spending $177 for it.

Another good aspect of the whole experience with Social Packages is their support for customers. First of all, they have made sure everyone can buy as many likes as they want. If your need exceeds the preset plans, you can place a custom order of whatever quantity you want. All you have to do is send the details of the order you want. Their customer support stays active 24/7 and will at once start working on your orders. You can also contact them in case of any issues with the service.


Follower Packages can get you the recognition that you might have been craving for a long now. They have done the same for thousands of social media users across multiple platforms already. Just to present an example of their credibility, Follower Packages has delivered nearly 2 million YouTube views. The years of experience and an impressive portfolio make them one of the most reliable websites ever.

Follower Packages only offers two services for YouTube; views and likes. For $20, you can buy 150 likes which is the first plan available. The maximum amount of likes you can buy is 1K and for $79. If you are not happy with the quantity, you can place a custom order as well.

The time delivery takes depends on the size of the order. Smaller orders take a maximum of 3 days while for larger orders, you might have to wait for 2 weeks


Fast Likes is among the fastest-rising social media agencies online today. They are not the oldest but the expertise they have managed to gather within such a short period of time is commendable. Fast Likes provides services for most of the popular social media platforms one of which is YouTube. You can buy YouTube views at some great deals while getting features worth more than the price tags.

There is no point in spending hundreds of dollars for paid promotions when it is not even legitimate. Fast Likes scores a perfect ten in terms of legitimacy. Their likes are all genuine and won’t get your account in trouble. Fast Likes’ refill guarantee deserves a mention as well. If the likes you’ve bought start disappearing, the company will send new ones without charging for them. The prices are a bit expensive but that’s a norm in YouTube promotions. For $6.99 you can buy 100 likes minimum and 5K maximum for $179.99.


Social media promotions are not something to be taken easy. It might sound like that but generating a large number of genuine likes is not a walk in the park. Anyone can create fake likes with bot accounts but only the most skilled ones can carry the job of providing thousands of authentic likes to users. StormViews is one of those.

Being an experienced name and exclusive to YouTube makes StormViews one of the best sites to buy YouTube likes. The quality that they offer comes with heavy price tags but the benefits they pose make it worth it. For 50 premium likes, you’ll have to pay $4.99. The maximum you can buy once is 1K likes for $49.99.

The premium quality of the likes comes with equally impressive deliveries. The orders begin to arrive instantly without making the clients wait. Another great advantage of shopping from StormViews is their support of clients. Their customer care is available for all of the buyers 24/7.


When we are talking about experience, nobody does it better than Venium. It is the oldest website to be included on this list, having been founded in 2001. The company has just completed two decades of excellence. In these years, they have established themselves as social media experts. The team of Venium has sold social media promotions for more than 265K customers. The company has a long list of more than 55 employees who are all very skilled at what they are supposed to do.

Venium offers some of the best prices in the whole market. For just $3.49, you can get 100 high-quality likes. You can buy as much as 5K likes at once at the same rate of $3.49 per 100 likes. All of these likes can be targeted at a specific country. The deliveries start instantly and you can also track all of your orders live for their progression.

One of the best parts of Venium is its ease of use. It is one of the very few social media promoters to have an official app of their own.


Social media marketing is different from traditional marketing in many senses. But what’s common in both is that not just anyone can handle it. It takes experience to handle everything and make the most out of the investments. Famups brands that bring experience to the table. Famups has been one of the trusted sources of paid promotions for hers now. It includes 87 types of different services they offer. They have delivered more than 15K orders of all these different items.

It takes serious determination and skills to fulfill such an amount of orders correctly and Famups has it. This is what makes them one of the best sites to buy YouTube likes. Due to their reputation as a mega brand and the quality of services, Famups is on a higher end of prices. For 100 likes, they ask for $9 and you’ll have to pay $380 for 5K of them. All buyers get 24/7 support from their staff as well.


Reliability is one of the most sought-after qualities in social media marketing. It typically involves a good amount of investment, especially in the case of YouTube. Handing your money over to any random website is foolish and bound to be a bad idea. Instead, you should spend the money somewhere where you get the best results with zero risks. FollowersUp has been that place for the last 5 years. Since 2016, FollowersUp has been providing paid promotions all over the world.

That too at some of the best prices found anywhere today. You can begin with spending just $1 and get 10 likes in return. The largest available plan is of 5K likes and can be bought for $155. There are a lot of payment options available including cryptocurrency which makes it one of the very few websites that do so. A refund policy is available as well for incorrect and unfulfilled orders.


Get Real Boost is a company that has found immense success in a short period of time. The focus of Get Real Boost has always been the customer and their own success is just a byproduct of it. Along with themselves, the people at Get Real Boost have helped thousands of others grow to fame. The company has a long list of over 1200 high-profile and regular clients. It includes names like Shutter Speed, Hipster, Opera Tours, Royale Stone, and many more.

This portfolio is a testimony to their credibility and reliability. Get Real Boost has become a brand on its own due to which you’ll find their plans a bit more expensive. For 50 quality likes, you’ll have to pay $5. Get Real Boost offers some of the biggest qualities of likes to buy. You can buy a whole pack of 10K likes for $260. All of the likes are from global users.

Social Plus

Social Plus is one of the originals of social media. The website has been selling promotions for more than 10 years now. They have been selling YouTube metrics since 2010 as well. 10 years of YouTube marketing is more than enough to understand it all in and out. The team of Social Plus has deeply studied YouTube algorithms along with all the changes it keeps going through. This is what made them capable of providing genuine YouTube likes so effectively.

It is also one of the very few websites from where you can buy likes for YouTube comments. Talking about likes, you can buy 100 of them for $5.95. The biggest plan they have to offer is 2.5K likes. It is priced at $95.95. The high retention rates of Social Plus’ products make these prices even more worth it. Social Plus also offers a 30-day refund guarantee if an order doesn’t get fulfilled.


UseViral brings authenticity and that’s a lot upon deeper analysis. Authenticity is the most important part of any kind of social media promotion. Genuine likes and followers provide more benefits but that’s not all. Using services that sell fake accounts or bots is not only ineffective but it can cause a completely opposite reaction. Instead of helping you grow, you can get your YouTube channel deleted for using bots. A lot of people choose such websites because they are cheap but in the long run, they tend to be the most costly purchase ever.

UseViral uses legitimate marketing strategies to bring you only the most real of the YouTube likes. It might be quite expensive but the quality of services and the companion features make them reasonable. The least amount of likes you can buy from here are 100 for $13. 5K likes are the most you can get by paying $400 for it.

Media Mister

Media Mister is a combination of some of the best parts of the competitors. This also pulls it all off way better than the competition which has made them loved by thousands all over the world. Media Mister has been around for nearly a decade now. Founded in 2012, Media Mister can do almost every platform and type of promotion equally well.

They have sold likes, views, subscribers, etc for more than 50K social media users worldwide. Media Mister is the type of agency you need to deliver more than your expectations. This is one of the best sites to buy YouTube likes of all types. You can buy regular likes, comments likes, and community post likes from here. The prices of all three vary greatly and it is better to check for oneself to avoid confusion. To keep your money safe, Media Mister has encrypted all of its payment gateways.

Boost Storm

Boost Storm was founded in 2012. 9 years later, it is among the most successful names in the whole social media industry. You can either simply buy likes or a combo of likes and views from here. The regular plans start from 100 likes for $12 and end at 1K likes for $74. The orders can not only get delivered gradually but can also be split across different videos to make the most out of your spendings.

The customer support that is available here is outstanding by itself. As should a business be, Boost Storm always takes care of its clients. A supportive staff is just a few fingertips away for any client. It is available all 24 hours a day of the whole year. If anything goes wrong before, during, or after the order, you can directly consult with their customer support. The staff here is known for being supportive and fast with responses.

Sides Media

Genuine YouTube likes are what we need and exactly what we get. Through their large marketing networks and campaigns, Sides Media is capable of generating legitimate likes at great prices. You can begin to buy YouTube likes with $30 to get 250 likes. The maximum you can buy is 2K likes for $200.

Customer support is a feature that has always stayed crucial for business. If a business wants to grow, they need to have a customer support program. It induces customer retention and also attracts new ones.

There are many websites that don’t provide any support at all. Some claim to be providing that but they are all full of bots instead of real responders. Unlike them, Sides Media has legitimate customer support. It is available 24/7 for all YouTube users. You can contact them any time you are facing any issue.

YouTube Likes Guide

How To Get Monetized On YouTube?

To earn money on YouTube, you need to get your channel monetized. You need a specific amount of YouTube subscribers and watch time to be eligible for having YouTube place ads on your videos.

The exact amount is around 1K subscribers and more than 4K hours of watch time. When that is achieved, you can submit an application to YouTube for monetization eligibility. If all goes well, you’ll be earning in no time.

What Is the Importance Of Likes?

Subscribers and watch time are the major factors in YouTube monetization but the number of likes is equally important. They don’t directly matter to get you monetized but for your channel’s growth, they are crucial.

Videos go viral when they get a large number of likes. Your videos will also get recommended to more people who are interested in the type of content you offer. More number of likes can seriously impact your overall presence on the platform.

How To Get More Likes On YouTube?

There are plenty of strategies one can implement to increase the number of likes. The most basic one is by asking your subscribers and viewers to always like your videos.

Many YouTubers coerce their followers into liking their videos more by setting a target number of likes through their videos. You can improve your overall YouTube performance by making trendy and creative videos. When the engagement increases, the ratio of likes will too.

Can I Buy YouTube Likes?

One direct way of getting more likes is by buying them. Like the majority of other social media metrics, you can buy YouTube views legally online. Buying likes is the easiest and the fastest way of getting closer to your YouTube dreams.

There are plenty of websites out there that sell YouTube likes. It is as easy as any other online shopping you might have done before.

Is Buying YouTube Likes Safe?

Buying YouTube likes is completely safe as long as you are buying from a tried source. There is no shortage of sellers but not all of them can be relied upon. There are a lot of scams and fakes out there to get your money.

The process itself is legal and safe and won’t get you in any trouble. As long as you are shopping with a reputed name, paid likes will only bring benefits for you.

Can Paid Likes Harm My Channel?

It makes sense to be worried about the effect of paid likes on your channel. It might seem unethical to some but if you go with the right websites, this is no different than a marketing strategy.

All the likes you receive are real human beings. YouTube takes action only when they detect bots. This is why it is important to only buy YouTube likes from a source that people trust and you can too.


If you want, YouTube can be your full-time profession. If you believe your content has something to offer to the whole world, then the sky’s the limit for you. Not only are thousands earning regularly, but YouTube has also brought them fame and turned them into celebrities. Regular people that started small are now global stars.

You can be one of them as well and these 17 websites will help you with that. They will give you high-quality YouTube likes that will bring up your videos for the whole world to see. If you are up for an investment, these websites will get you the best return.