The modes of entertainment have immensely changed over the existence of humanity. Music, storytelling, crafts, etc. have been founded to be existing in ancient civilizations as well. The modes have constantly evolved over time. We were introduced to Television & Radio, and now we are in the age of the internet. Whatever type of entertainment we need, we can find it online. In the past decade, streaming services have become increasingly popular and one of them is YouTube.

Founded in 2005, YouTube is one of the biggest social media platforms today. More than 2 billion users visit YouTube every month and watch billions of hours of videos. But other than watching videos, millions of users upload millions of videos as well. YouTube has been turned into a source of income by many, and numerous YouTubers have gained a celeb-like status through it. You can easily use YouTube to make a fortune if you have good content to offer. But for that, you need a good base of likes, views, and subscribers. It can get hard which is why many websites help you by selling it to them. Having a good number of likes can boost your video’s visibility and you can use these websites to get more YouTube likes. If you like the idea,

Here are 10 of the best sites to buy YouTube likes from:


Bulkoid is one of the most popular social media tools today. It has been successfully used by thousands of users for achieving their social media goals. Many people think of it as an illegal or unethical practice, but that is not the case. If you use these sources for just getting a good headstart, there is nothing wrong with it. And Bulkoid is totally capable of giving you that headstart. They work great for all the popular social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, and TikTok. Bulkoid is popular among YouTubers as it provides all types of services for YouTube i.e. likes, views, and subscribers. There aren’t many other trustworthy websites that offer all three of these together.

If you want to buy likes specifically, you can choose between the 5 available plans. These plans are; 100 likes for $6.99, 500 for $29.99, 1k for $49.99, 2.5k for $99.99, and 5k for $179.99.

The likes take no more than 3 days to deliver and are of premium quality. For any queries or concerns, they have a customer support that you can contact 24/7.


If it doesn’t become obvious from their title itself, FastPromo can help you get viral through only the right means. It isn’t limited to any single platform as they support a good variety of networks like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, etc. FastPromo is also one of the few websites that give you the option to boost Twitch.

If you want to buy YouTube likes, they can offer your quality likes at reasonable prices as well. The likes can be bought through any of their 8 plans available for purchase. You can buy as less as 100 likes to as much as 10k likes. The price range of these packages lies from $7 to $650.

All of these premium quality likes belong to actual accounts of existing YouTube users. It not only gives your channel a legitimate feel but also draw organic attention by boosting your visibility and reach. They also guarantee a refill on all orders. If any of the bought likes disappear, the company will make up for it by sending the exact number of likes that you lost.


Despite what the name suggests, ViewsExpert deal with more than just views. They are, however, experts in almost all kinds of social media promotions. Being one of the most popular such services today, they are guaranteed to get more YouTube likes for your videos which would further help you and your channel grow.

ViewsExpert sells premium likes that increase the credibility and the visibility of your videos. As they reach more people, your likes, views, watch time, and subscribers count increase as well. They might not be the cheapest option but certainly one of the most valuable ones. For buying YouTube likes, you can choose from the four available options. The plans they offer are; 100 likes for $10, 200 for $19, 500 for $43, and 1k for $81.

The likes are not just real and premium but global as well. The accounts they belong to are from various locations across the world. This creates chances of your videos getting global attention.


FollowerPackages is an established name in the social media market. They have been around for years making the dreams come true of many aspiring social media users. They have sold millions of views and likes and plays for services like Facebook, YouTube, Soundcloud, etc. FollowerPackages have helped out many budding bloggers, musicians, streamers, and you can be one of them too.

Likes are one of the most important statistics for YouTubers and you can increase that number by buying them from FollowerPackages. Every single like you buy belongs to a real user and it does not violate any guidelines of the platform.

Neither do they cause any trouble with Adsense. You can keep on making content and growing without having to worry about getting your channel flagged or suspended. There are four plans of Youtube likes available for you to buy. You can buy 150 yo 1k likes with a price range of $20-$79.


If you want to grow tour YouTube channel quickly but safely, Venium is the place to go to. They offer multiple services for many platforms and have helped thousands of customers get what they needed. For YouTube itself, they offer likes, views, and subscribers everything. You can get more YouTube views at cheap prices from here.

Being cheap does not mean it lacks quality or is unsafe. All of their likes are from real people and have high retention rates. In fact, Venium promises a lifetime guarantee for all their services. The likes do not cause any trouble regarding YouTube or AdSense policies as all of them are verified by Google itself. The likes will not be detected as fake as they are all from real and verified people. Venium has preset charges for a specific amount of likes. Every 100 likes you buy, will cost you $3.49. The maximum you can buy from Venium is 5k likes. They start arriving instantly and can be tracked live as well.


GetRealBoost is a professional social media promotion program, not from just the looks but their quality of work too. You can think of them as social media saviors as they can help with all the major platforms like Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Soundcloud. Talking about YouTube, you can buy likes, views, and subscribers; all three of them. For buying YouTube likes, they give you 9 packages to choose from.

You can buy anywhere from 50 to 10k likes at maximum. The price of the smallest plan is $5 and the final plan will cost you $500. For placing the order, you are required to provide a link to your video along with your email. You don’t have to worry about getting scammed or having your account hijacked as they do not ask for any passwords.

The likes you receive are all from real people belonging to locations all over the world. Real likes do not violate any guidelines which would keep your channel from being suspended as well. If any problem occurs, you can directly contact the company through their mail.


Famups is a name that you can always trust. That is because of all the time they have spent in the social media field, delivering quality services, and satisfying customers. They offer a whopping 87 total services and have completed more than 15k orders till this date. The numbers don’t lie and you can count on Famups to provide you with the boost your YouTube channel needs. They offer a lot of services for YouTube including Likes.

As buying likes is what we are here for, we can move forward to bring forth the 8 available plans for buying YouTube likes. The packages start from 100 likes and go on all the way to 5k likes. The price of these packages is $9-$380.

You neither have to provide anything other than a link to your video for the orders to work. Nor are you required to follow anyone in return.


StormViews provides you the real traffic and metrics that you need to stay alive and keep on growing on social media. Everything you buy from here real which makes its usage completely legal and ethical. It can be thought of as a promotional service like Google Ads. As the likes you receive are from real users and not bots, you are not breaking any rules that can land you in trouble.

They offer many services for YouTube, and for likes, you can choose from the 5 plans they have made available. The plans are; 50 likes for $4.99, 100 for $9.99, 250 for $14.99, 500 for $29.99, and 1k for $49.99.

StormViews is one of the few places that support instant delivery of YouTube likes. That combined with their 24/7 customer support makes StormViews one of the best places to buy likes for your videos.


From the name itself, one could assume this place is a complete market for everything related to YouTube. Anybody dealing with a low-performing channel can help it pick up the pace with YouTubeMarket. They can help you with a lot of YT related metrics that include views, subscribers, livestream views, and even watch time hours. You can also trust them to get more YouTube likes on your videos. You can find a total of eight plans for likes on the website. The plans are; 50 likes ($1.99), 100 likes ($3.99), 200 likes ($7.99), 300 likes ($11.99), 500 likes ($19.99), 1k likes ($34.99), 10k likes ($329.99), and 20k likes ($649.99).

The likes will begin to appear on your selected video or videos within the first 24 hours. All the likes are promised to be from real users and come with a refill guarantee. If you lose any likes, the company will automatically replace them with new ones. If 20% of the bought amount drops within the first month, they offer a 100% refund.


QQTube is a website exclusively meant for YouTubers that are struggling with their channel and want some boost. Even though they support other platforms as well but their major target is YouTubers only. They provide all the tools that are necessary for a YT channel to survive and thrive. You can buy YouTube likes, views, watch time, shares, live stream views, subscribers, and everything else that you could possibly buy for YouTube.

They offer multiple plans for you to get more YouTube likes. These plans work on a daily basis i.e. you receive a specific number of likes per day. They also vary based on delivery speed. There are 5 plans in total for YouTube likes. You can buy plans that range from 20 to 10k+ likes per day. The price range lies between $10 and $36 per day. Some plans start to deliver likes instantly while others can take up to 12 or 24 hours respectively. They provide varying drop-protection for the plans too. Some get a refill period of 30 days while others have a lifetime guarantee.


YouTube is a huge part of social media and the internet itself. There are billions of videos of all possible types and more & more keep adding up every day. 720k hours of video are daily uploaded to YouTube which is a huge number.

Earning with uploading videos on YouTube is a viable option but their now-stricter policies don’t allow just anyone to take benefit of it. Buying YouTube likes is a legal and effective way of boosting your videos and kicking off your streaming career. And as long as you do that from one of these 10 sites, the safety of you and your account is guaranteed as well.